How to be a Slumlord, or- Shantytowns for Fun and Profit!

Start by cutting a irregular shape from masonite. I get mine in small sheets from an art supply store. Pencil in where you want the walls to go and drill a hole at each of the corners. Then use wire cutters to snip lengths of bamboo skewers for the upright supports. Dip the ends in glue and stick them in the holes.
Once the posts are done, you can start filling in the walls. Any kind of scrap cardboard will work and it ends up looking better if you use a mixture of materials. The corrugated paper that they pack light bulbs in makes great metal sheeting. Scraps of burlap can be used for woven matting.
Don’t worry about being sloppy- it all adds to the effect in the end.
Once the walls are done, you can add the roofs. Again, a mix of materials ends up giving the best visual effect.
Once you have all the walls and roofs the way you want them, spray everything black. You can go pretty heavy with the primer- the paint soaks in a bit and helps stiffen everything up. I then go in and drybrush all the colors. I use a wide mix of colors and then add rust and weathering effects. Again, neatness does not count.
The last step is to flock the base and spray the whole thing with a liberal coating of your favorite clear coat. ‘, ‘
Special thanks to list member mbutange for posting this guide. If you would like a doc version of this file its at Est. 8/13/1998