15mm Bases


I have been asked a few time about the muti bases and how I made them

img1.gif For this project we will need

Thin cardboard

Patching Plaster/Spackling

Washers 5/8 (16mm?)

Three unpainted figs based on washers

Scenic Turf or Sand


The rules I will be making the bases for is called Modern Africa by Craig Martelle

Infantry is based on a 1.5 x 1.5 with 3 per base.

Step 1Draw 1.5 x 1.5 squares on your think cardboard and cut them out.
Step 2img3.gifTake your patching plaster/spackling and a unpainted or painted miniature already based on a washer.+For this step I will be using DAP, DryDex spackling. Besides going on pink and drying white, it also does not warp the cardboard all that much.


Apply a thin layer of spackling and then add “one miniature at a time” cleaning the spackling that gets pushed up around the base to make it uniformed.

I use a hobby knife or tooth-pick




Figs added.. Note when not using unpainted figs I pick some that I will be repainting or you can just be very careful.


Step 3



After the spackling has hardened (pink 2 white), I remove each miniature and clean inside each hole that is left.

Sometimes you will lose bits of spackling around the washer hole. All you need to do is pop the fig back into hole and add a wee bit more plaster or just build up around the gap when scenic turf.

+Out of 10 bases I sometimes get one or two bases that does just that.


Most of the time I pre-base each unpainted miniature on a washer and make the bases the night before painting.It take about 10 minents per base until you can remove the figs. My personal best was 12 bases in four hours

After everything is dry and I’m happy with the bases fitting into the holes. I paint the  base earth brown, green or tan covering the holes and then add sand and or Scenic Turf.




Few of the base sizes I have played around with for 15mm

1.5 x 1.5 for 2-3 figs

2 x 2.5 for 5-6  figs


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