AAR Game 3 (long)


AAR Game 3 (long)
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From: “David OBrien”
Date:  Mon Aug 9, 2004  5:13 pm
Subject:  Game 3 (long)


This is the third game of Vietnam campaign after two heavy attacks on
Kham’pa village the remaining inhabitants and Americans have come to
the conclusion that it would be too costly in terms of men and
material to keep control of the area and an evacuation to a safe
hamlet has been arranged. Unfortunately due to military commitments
elsewhere, only the women and children have been taken out by
chopper, the men and belongings are having to make their own way to
safety on foot, escorted by a platoon of American infantry. The
evacuees had a choice of two roads to take around the open terrain of
a lowland village and could enter from points A and/or B and had to
exit off the table at points C and or D. The VC were unsure which
way they would travel so they had to set up their troops to cover all
possibilities and they are marked as red dots on the map. They knew
they didn’t have enough men to stop the evacuation, but they could
cause a lot of problems, all the combatants had different objectives
and victory conditions which are given on their briefings.


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VC Briefing
You are Do Dan Al, commanding the loyal Vietnamese forces fighting
the Western Imperialists who are trying to destroy your country.
Following the failure of the attack on Kham’pa village a few weeks
ago the main objective has been achieved and the tribesmen are now
evacuating the area escorted by the hated Imperialists. This is a
prime opportunity to ambush the Americans and cause severe casualties
before overwhelming help can get to them. To aid you in this
objective you have called on the help of the local militia as the NVA
are too busy reorganising after their recent battles.
Objective: You must inflict 50% casualties against the Americans,
which is more important than trying to wipe out the villagers who can
be dealt with later.

Hmong briefing
You are Koh Lin Jak leader of the Hmong tribe, despite your previous
victories over the NVA it has become obvious that your position in
the area has become untenable without substantial military support,
which the Americans are unable to supply. Regretfully you have
agreed to move to a safe area protected by the American leaving all
your historical ties behind. This event has made you very bitter
about the Communists for inflicting this one your people and you are
also resentful of the Americans as they are the cause of your
Objective: You must get your people safely to the American camp
without losing more than a third of your remaining warriors.

Father Ted briefing
Sadly despite two glorious victories over the heathen communists your
villagers have paid a high price in lost warriors and property
destroyed and it has become obvious that it would be unsafe to remain
in the area. This whole problem has been brought about by the
Americans invading the country and has brought all your hard work to
get the mission up and running to a halt.
Objective: You must lead your flock to the safety of the American
hamlet without losing anymore villagers, the Americans are the
bringers of this problem, let them sort it out.

US Army briefing
You are Lt. Glanville of US army, you have been ordered to escort the
Hmong villagers to the safety of an American camp and save the
tribesmen and priest from the Communists. You wonder why the hell
you are being ordered to help these gooks as they all seem the same
as the VC which have been attacking you for weeks and they are
welcome to this god forsaken jungle. Unfortunately some ass hole
back at HQ has got it into his head that the Montagnard tribesmen are
useful allies to have after seeing how well the fought the commies
recently and by showing how much we are prepared to help their
neighbours this might entice them to help our guys.
Objective: You must save the villagers and Priest without suffering
heavy American casualties.

VC forces were:-
HQ section = commander, and two others with Lmg
1st squad = 5 figures, AK47’s and 1 with an Rpg
2nd squad = 6 figures with AK47’s
3rd squad = 3 figures with Hmg
1st local milita = 8 men with rifles
2nd local militia = 8 men with rifles
3rd local militia = 7 men with rifles

Hmong forces were:-
10 men with AK47’s
10 men with AK47’s
10 men with AK47’s

US army forces were:-
Platoon HQ with:- commander, sergeant, medic, radio and 2 runners.
1st squad = sgt, M60, shotgun, M203, M79 and 6 M16’s
2nd squad = sgt, shotgun, M203, M79 and 7 M16’s
3rd squad = sgt, shotgun, M203, M79 and 7 M16’s

Every unit was given a number by their commanders and 10 cards for
each side put into a pile for drawing, there was also a joker in the
pack which indicated a special event could take place, this was
decided on a dice roll and taken from a list that I made up for the

The battle started with the VC deciding where to place their ambush
troops, this could be anywhere on the board as long as it was more
than 12″ away from the US entry side of the table. Once positions
were decided the VC commander then had to dice for each of his local
troops to see if they would obey orders or even if they would turn
up, it ended up with all his locals arriving but one unit set up in
the wrong position.

The US/Hmong convoy decided that they would all come on at point A on
the table with two army squads in the lead on either side of the road
followed by the others with the wagons and unarmed civilians led by
Father Ted on the road. They were given their first move free with
no shooting from either side but move two started with normal moves
decided by the turn of a card. Right from the start the local VC
decided to open up against overwhelming odds and suffered the price
being virtually wiped out but at least they had held up the convoy
for a few turns, and gave time for their fellow villagers to move up
from their previous position, they had also caused a number of
casualties to the American who seemed to be their main target. As
the Americans edged further along the road the VC light and heavy
machine guns opened up causing heavy casualties amongst the US troops
keeping their medic busy for the whole game. At one point the US
commander spotted a squad of VC regulars moving up through the paddy
fields and called in an air strike only to discover that he had been
holding his map the wrong way up and was about to pound his own men.
Fortunately he managed to call it off before it arrived and he
eventually managed to bring some accurate artillery fire down to
solve the problem.

At this point of the battle the Americans had wiped out three units
of local militia and one squad of VC regulars and were now in
possession of the village with little to stop their advance to point
C. The VC machine guns were no longer in a position to cause
casualties and it was unknown where the VC commander had got to, to
order them to change to new positions, even the late arrival of a
squad of NVA troops was to no effect as they arrived at point B and
would take to long to get into a fighting position.

The US troops had fought well supporting each other in their attacks
with Hmong tribesmen backing them up. The medic was run off his feet
treating casualties especially among the Hmong then his own men even
making a last 15″ dash to save the life of an American grunt who was
about to expire, surely he’ll be recommended for an award. The final
toll for the Americans was 6 killed and 6 wounded, this was nearly
30% of their total troops which we reckoned was quite heavy but they
had successfully gotten the Hmong to safety and impressed the
watching Montagnards so they were awarded a draw. Father Ted saw the
natives to safety without a single casualty except to himself when he
decided to spot for the Americans which earned him only a draw for
helping his enemy. The Hmong only suffered two wounded men so they
got a victory but the VC only managed to cause 30% casualties to the
Imperialists so they failed in their objective, but I thought I had
put too hard an objective on them so eventually awarded them a draw,
so everyone went home happy.

I hope you enjoy the write up, the map and a selection of pics can be
found in Daves Games folder in the photos section.


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