AAR #1 First game report (LONG)


AAR #1 First game report (LONG)
Posted on Sunday, July 17 @ 06:38:46 CDT by Leondus


From: “David OBrien”
Date: Fri Jun 18, 2004 8:03 am
Subject: First game report (LONG)

Hi everyone, I have been lurking for a few weeks but we had our first
game of Vietnam the other night using Andy Watkins simple rules and
we had a great time and are looking forward to the next game. Due to
what we had available at the time our game is not your usual Nam game
but was just as much fun anyway, what more can you ask for. The
briefings are below and I’ll try to give a little description of
game, as I remember it. I have posted a selection of pics in Daves

Note to view Daves photos just click “Read More..“link below

Game folder in the photos section.

Game Map


cart and escort


cart and escort2


entering the jungle




montagnards 2








the objective


slow progress


after the explosion


 NVA Briefing
You are Wan Lon Jaq, Major commanding the loyal Vietnamese forces
fighting the Western Imperialists who are trying to destroy your
country. For months now your forces around the village of Rafc Lub
have been subjected to very precise attacks from American forces and
collaborator units of your own countrymen. The information for
these attacks could only come from local sources, and the nearest to
your area of command are the Hmong and Montagnard tribes along the
Mekong river and surrounding highlands. The fact that
these ‘cannibals’ hate your men they are also Christians and are led
by that mad monk, who is also friendly to the other whites, the
information must have come from him.
Objective: You are to lead one of your platoons into the Khampa
village and blow up the mission church there and get rid off the
meddlesome monk. You have requisitioned an ox cart to carry all the
dynamite needed for the job but you and your men are very wary of
entering the jungle, it is nothing like Hanoi where you all come from.

Hmong briefing
You have heard from local Vietnamese villagers who you get on well
with despite being of different origins and religion that the
northerners are coming to destroy your village, people and blow up
your mission with Father Ted. They are led by some communist maniac
who hates everything that doesn’t come from Father Ho.
Objective: You must defend your village and mission, to this end you
have requested help from the Montagnard highlanders who the
communists also despise and will also attempt to destroy in the near

Father Ted briefing
The villagers have warned you that some local communists have come to
blow up your mission and kill you and want to know what you’ll do.
You’ve been looking after these people for many years now and having
sweated blood to build your mission your not about to let some
communist crackpot destroy all your plans. Fortunately your military
experiences in Malaya could come in handy.
Objective: You must defend your people and the mission, the best way
to do this would be to ambush the communists as they come along the
track and set traps in the jungle. You want the fighting to be as
far away from the mission as possible as any fighting is likely to
attract those crazy Americans who are likely to come along with an
aeroplane and blow something up. Knowing how good their aim is it’s
likely to be your mission.

The NVA were allowed to enter the board at points A and/or B and
decided to split their forces and come down both roads with the cart
and explosives entering at point B.


NVA forces were:-
HQ section = commander, radioman and two others
1st squad = 9 figures, AK47’s and an Lmg
+ separate section of 2 men with an Rpg
2nd squad = as above
3rd squad = as above
They also had a cart carrying all their dynamiteMike commanding the 2nd and 3rd squads decided to split his squads
into 2 smaller sections and came on at point A.Hmong forces were:-
10 men with spears defending the village at point 9
10 men with rifles at point 3
10 men with rifles at point 7Montagnard forces were:-
10 men with AK47’s at point 1
10 men with AK47’s at point 2Every unit was given a number by their commanders and 10 cards for
each side put into a pile for drawing, there was also a joker in the
pack which indicated a special event could take place, this was
decided on a dice roll and taken from a list that I had.


For the first few moves nothing happened except the NVA attempting to
get on the board but were having problems as the cards they want
never seemed to come out in the order they wanted but eventually they
started to get there. The troops entering at point B were very wary
of ambush and moved slowly scouting ahead whereas the other column
decided to run up the road and found the ambushes the hard way. The
troops at point B also suffered from events, the cart just got onto
the board when one of the oxen set off a booby trap and was killed,
the cart was halted for a move whilst a replacement was hitched up.
The Hmong unit 7 managed to approach the road undetected and opened
fire on the enemy but suffered some casualties in return and quickly
returned into the jungle but reappeared at a later time. Unit 3
opened up on the front units of NVA coming down the road successfully
stopping them before they moved through the jungle to take on the
enemy troops advancing down from point B.Both NVA commanders seemed to regain their composure and quickly
started to use their superior firepower to clear their way forward
and both units of Montagnards suffered heavily. The remaining three
men in unit 2 decided to fall back to the village before they were
completely wiped out and the remaining three men in unit 1 were
ordered back, by special event. The NVA from point A had suffered
very heavy casualties with at least one if not two sections being
wiped out and halted just in time as artillery fire called in by
their leader erupted on the road in front of them. As the Montagnard
unit 1 was about to pull back the last three men took a shot at the
only thing they could see, the cart, obviously not knowing what was
in it. They fired at the oxen but missed and hit the cart instead
igniting the dynamite with devasting results. Two of the three men
were killed outright and the third was wounded, the NVA squad on the
other side of the cart were caught in the blast and completely wiped
out with every man including the commander being either killed or
wounded.With their main weapon, the dynamite, gone, along with most of their
troops the NVA attack was halted, which was just as well as they were
about to run into Hmong unit 3. The tribesmen were safe for now but
had suffered heavily to protect their village and could not be
confident that the NVA would not be back for revenge.The game was a complete hoot with all the players having a great time
and the card system certainly added an edge to the game and made it
difficult to co-ordinate attacks and not knowing when your troops
would get a chance to act. The two NVA players were convinced all
the way through the game that they were heavily outnumbered and
surrounded by enemy troops, it was a picture to see their faces when
they were finally told what they had been facing.Cheers

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